London Damp Proofing are Triton Chemicals Approved Contractor

Triton supplies us with products designed for basements & cellar waterproofing and other general waterproofing in new build and existing properties. Triton also manufactures a range of chemical damp courses and other remedial timber and masonry treatments for protection against and elimination of rising damp, dry rot, woodworm and other infestations

The key products for waterproofing include Isola Platon cavity drain membranes, which are designed for use in all cellar or basement waterproofing projects to control the entry of damp or running water. A complete range of Isola Platon polyethylene studded membranes are available which can be specified according to the application, and which work on the principle of allowing the damp or running water to travel behind the membrane to a controlled drainage system. The benefits of cavity drain membranes over other damp proofing methods include the minimal disturbance and preparation required to the existing structure and their toleration of structural movement

Triton's range of remedial damp coursing products includes traditional solvent based systems as well as the latest micro-emulsion and "gel" type water based products for more effective damp proof injection and penetration into the structure. Triton's diverse range is able to deal with all types of construction and building materials and also includes products suited to thicker walls and structures with voids or cracks

Damp proofing products for the control and eradication of insect and fungal attack in timber and masonry include the newest water based third generation bicontinuous microemulsions wood preservative. This innovative technology creates a more effective and deeper penetrating damp proofing system whilst maintaining the safest environment for both the applicator and occupier. Boron and permethrin based formulations are also available which are suitable for application to both wet and dry timber.

As a Triton approved contractor we have access to the Triton Users Guarantee (T.U.G) which backs up our own guarantees and protects the customer in the event that we cease to trade during the guarantee period. The T.U.G guarantee covers both product and workmanship and is available on all Triton systems, subject to approval

For Triton to maintain its supremacy within a highly competitive market, the company operates its own research and development centre, holds British Board of Agrément approval and is a BS EN ISO9001 Quality Assured Company. These factors, combined with excellent service levels and an ever-evolving range of products, all contribute to the company's ongoing success with Architects, and Contractors who insist upon the highest standards.

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